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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

遇見幸福300天 / Happy 300 Days - Taiwan Drama

遇見幸福300天 / Happy 300 Days - Taiwan Drama

Also known as: Yu Jian Xing Fu 300 Tian
Directed by: Zhangjia Xian 張佳賢
Written by: Jane Qi 簡奇峰, Lin Xinhui 林欣慧, Li Jie Yu 李婕瑀
Produced by: Huang Wanbo 黃萬伯, Yang Qiulan 楊秋蘭
Broadcast by: TTV
Genre: Romance
Country / Region: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin, Taiwanese
Release Date: March 08, 2013 -- Unknown


A woman discovers she's pregnant with her ex-boyfriend's child. She decides to return to her hometown to have the baby. There, she meets three men, who each for their own reasons, are also escaping to this town to avoid dealing with the problems in their lives. Although they are meeting at the worst time of their lives, they help one other learn to be selfless, brave, and trustworthy in love.

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(Total Episode for this series is : 15)
Total Episode out currently up to date: 18-July-2013 is : 15 Episodes + 0 English Subtitle [Probably There are none]

遇見幸福 300天 / Happy 300 Days - Taiwan Drama

Full Episode 01-15  >> Torrent || Subtitle
Episode 08-09 >> Torrent || Subtitle
Episode 05-07 >> Torrent || Subtitle
Episode 04 >> Torrent || Subtitle
Episode 03 >> Torrent || Subtitle
Episode 02 >> Torrent || Subtitle
Episode 01 >> Torrent || Subtitle


遇 見幸福300天 / Happy 300 Days OST Soundtrack

Main Cast:
Chen Yi Rong
Chen Ya Ting
Kingone Wang
Qi Tian
Xie Kunda
Zhang Yao Yan
Zhuang Kaixun
Ding Hao Quan

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