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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

借用一下你 的愛 / Borrow Your Love - Taiwan Drama

借用一下你 的愛 / Borrow Your Love - Taiwan Drama

Also known as: Jie Yong Yi Xia Ni De Ai
Directed by: Luo An De 羅安得
Written by: Lin Ya Chun 林雅淳
Produced by: Sui Ai Peng 隋愛朋
Broadcast by: CTV
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Country / Region: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Release Date: May 25, 2013 -- Unknown


Xie Ping An and Ye Chen pretended to be a couple in order to hook up their friends. However, the mismatch duo find themselves attracted to one another instead.

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(Total Episode for this series is : 14)
Total Episode out currently up to date: 06-June-2013 is : 14 Episodes + 9 English Subtitle

借用一下你的愛 / Borrow Your Love - Taiwan Drama English Subtitle

Episode 14 >> Torrent || Subtitle
Episode 13 >> Torrent || Subtitle
Episode 12 >> Torrent || Subtitle
Episode 11 >> Torrent || Subtitle
Episode 10 >> Torrent || Subtitle
Episode 09 >> Torrent || Subtitle
Episode 08 >> Torrent || Subtitle
Episode 07 >> Torrent || Subtitle
Episode 06 >> Torrent || Subtitle
Episode 05 >> Torrent || Subtitle
Episode 04 >> Torrent || Subtitle
Episode 03 >> Torrent || Subtitle
Episode 02 >> Torrent || Subtitle
Episode 01 >> Torrent || Subtitle


借 用一下你的愛 / Borrow Your Love OST Soundtrack

Main Cast:
Amanda Zhu
Xie Ping An 謝平安
Dylan Kuo
Ye Chen 葉晨
Shi Yi Nan
Li Zi Wen 黎子文
Cherry Hsia
Xie Xi Yue 謝喜樂

用一下你的 愛 Trailer / Borrow Your Love Trailer

用一下你的愛 English Subtitle / Borrow Your Love English Subtitle /用一下你的愛 Torrent / Borrow Your Love Torrent

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